Fitness tracking done right.

Salted™ is a revolutionary foot pressure data analyzer that effortlessly measures weight shifting, swing data, balance data, posture data any athlete – any sport.

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Superior Technology

With SALTED’s patented pressure sensor technology, a user’s foot pressure, gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movement can be accurately measured.

Lightweight & Customizable

Each insole is crafted from ultra-thin, lightweight EVA making them both comfortable and customizable. Choose a size that works for you and trim down, as needed, for the perfect fit.

Waterproof and Sweatproof

Our smart devices are waterproof and dust-resistant (IP68-certified*), which can be used even on rainy or snowy days. It is hand washable and easy to manage.

Virtual coaching and self improvement platform.

Teaching aids such as a drawing tool and audio recording are available to help keep track of each student's progress.

Incredibly accurate pressure-based training aid.

Foot pressure and center of pressure (C.O.P.) measurements are available in real time for checking swing balance and posture.

How it works.

Multi-Sport Foot Analysis Technology

Golf Analytics

Improve driving distance with body swing and posture analysis.

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Running Anlytics

Better understand the quality of your run with gait posture analytics from foot pressure data.

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Fitness Analytics

Build personalized exercise recommendations based on body balance and measurements.

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Criket Analytics

Weight shift analyzed swing data through foot pressure analysis.

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Physical Therapy Analytics

Ensure your physical therapy routines are being done with proper balance and pressure.

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Performance Sports

Accurate pressure based training aid for use with professional athletes.

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How good are these? Watch AT Golf's detailed review.


SALTED pressure tracing insoles are the next big innovation thats going to change the game of golf.  Their ability to give instant feedback on balance and foot pressure, combined with biofeedback correction capability, will take golfers games to the next level. 

Brian Mogg

SALTED is a revolutionary piece of technology that allows you to analyze and correct balance / weight shift tendencies.  The personalized smart golf technology will guide you toward optimal foot pressure dynamics, and improve your game from the ground up

David Leadbetter Golf Academy at Crystal Springs

I am absolutely amazed at the technology and simplicity you get. The information is fantastic. It’s a tremendous value. Why guess when you can know!

Martin Chuck | Founder of Tour Striker Academy. Rated 36th best golf instructor in America by Golf Digest

SALTED is a unique product that allows you to train, measure, and record your progress with the most important relationship for the golf swing, the ground!  I’m thrilled to partner with SALTED ~They make the invisible visible!!

Nick Bradley | International Golf Instructor coaching over 200 PGA and European professionals, including the likes of Justin Rose, Sir Nick Faldo, and Paul McGinley

Understanding and learning how the body moves, and pressure shifts, between the feet is crucial to good golf.  The SALTED Insoles make this so much easier.  Besides their portability, I love training aids that can be used while hitting full shots and the Insoles allow this and more.

Mark Immelman | International golf coach, CBS sports broadcaster, author, and host of the PGA Tour podcast “On The Mark”

I have found the SALTED insoles to be very easy to set up and use and the data was delivered in an easy to understand app. I haven’t seen anything similar that can deliver data this accurate at this price point.

Cheryl Anderson | Director of Instruction, Mike Bender Golf Academy and Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teachers in America

Just like any good golf swing, the putting stroke is built from the ground up.  SALTED enables you to build and train a stable foundation for your body, which triggers the freedom, rhythm, and tempo necessary to consistently make more putts

Phil Kenyon | World renowned putting instructor who coaches the likes of Rory Mcllroy, Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, Louis Oosthuizen, Tommy Fleetwood, and Lee Westwood

I am really excited about SALTED pressure tracing insoles. Not just for use with my clients, but for my personal use as well.

Monte Scheinblum | and World Long Drive Champion


*IP indicates degree of protection certified by International Electronics Commission (IEC), and 68 is the highest level. SALTED Smart Insole is rated at IP68, which is the same level of protection as the latest smartphone.

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